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Only one user should act as a host, all users should connect to the same ID. If someone can't connect, switch to Chrome (including the host).


Download Links

  • This Tunic tracker can be found at ScipioWright's GitLab.
  • The Tunic Randomizer can be found at here.
  • Controls

    Warp linking:
    • Left click on an entrance to start linking. Then, click another entrance to create a link. Right click to cancel this state.
    • Right click on any known warp to undo and mark it as unknown (if it's a link, it will mark the other end as unknown too).

    Location changing:
    • Left click on the map to change current location.
    • Left click twice on a linked warp to change to the linked location.
    • Left click on an empty space in an overcrowded location's map to check its layout.
    • Left click the remaining warps number to highlight all warps & locations left to check.


    Original tracker created by Sergi "Sekii" Santana.
    Tunic Tracker created by Scipio Wright.
    East Forest and Ziggurat maps drawn by Fletcher.

    Report bugs to ScipioWright on Discord.
    Project is open source, feel free to create your own tracker!
    Autotracking version by Anomolous0 can be found here. Note that it requires more setup!
    Alice Werefox and glace created the Tunic Transition Tracker, which automatically tracks entrances, gives paths, and more.